The chief accountant yelled at the cleaner, not understanding what she would do…

Sometimes a person’s good work leads to the fact that they stop noticing and evaluating it. It happened in the office of a huge Moscow firm, when the chief accountant harshly scolded the cleaner. The fact is that in the morning they often ran into each other in the toilet and, finally, the accountant’s patience burst. The cleaning lady wouldn’t let her into the toilet!

More precisely, she asked the woman to wait two minutes until the floor was almost dry, so as not to accidentally slip. “Yeah, how not to slip! She is afraid that I will leave traces on her washing. So you have to come and wash on time before, while no one is at work,” the accountant thought, seething with indignation. Finally, she was “finished off” by the fact that there were no paper towels for hands. The cleaner apologized and said that she puts them in a “cassette” after washing.

Here is a woman that is called “carried”. She told the cleaner that she should be grateful that she was taken to such a presentable company to work. Therefore, she should come much earlier than all the employees, so that everything is already shining by the beginning of the working day. And so that normal people don’t hang around in the hallway waiting for her to deign to clean up. The accountant was an educated woman and knew how to tell people off without shouting, but so that every word “hit on the head.”

The cleaner’s name was Svetlana, as it was written on her badge. But the accountant Irina Alexandrovna never called her by name, but “poked” at her every word. This seemed particularly offensive. After all, Svetlana really tried very hard. Her son with cerebral palsy remained at home with her mother. And she needed money all the time.

Therefore, she already came to work 2 hours earlier, but sometimes it was necessary to help her mother wash the baby, and the woman came by the beginning of the working day. Her nerves finally gave out. She began to cry and rushed down the corridor towards her cubicle. She decided that she would write a letter of resignation today. Learn how to work, then come get settled in decent places,” she heard after.

The female director knew about the problems of the cleaner and realized that she wanted to quit under the influence of emotions. After learning what happened, the boss suggested this option: she gives Svetlana a paid vacation for two weeks, and during this time she will find an opportunity to talk to an accountant. “Everything is normalizing,” she reassured the crying cleaner. 2 days have passed. Irina Alexandrovna stopped seeing the cleaning lady annoying her. “Probably quit. That’s great,” she thought.

Of course, she didn’t even think to ask the management where their cleaner had gone. On the third day, walking down the familiar corridor to work, the accountant was shocked by the dirt that reigned in the corridor. In the morning it was raining heavily and the whole floor was covered with dirty footprints. An even bigger shock was waiting for her in the toilet. The sink was dirty. There were remnants of excrement on the toilet and there were no napkins to wipe your hands.

Irina Alexandrovna asked her subordinates where their cleaner had gone? Nobody knew anything. Seeing that there was even more garbage the next morning, the accountant decided to carefully ask the director why there was such dirt around? – Oh, you know, Irina Alexandrovna, Svetlana quit. I’m receiving a new person today. – Well, otherwise we’ve already started to get overgrown with mud, it’s inconvenient in front of customers, – the accountant answered with relief.

The next day she went to work expecting to see cleanliness and order. But nothing has changed. Moreover, both toilets were locked. By lunchtime, the whole office was thinking about where to celebrate natural needs. Irina Alexandrovna, as a parliamentarian, was going to the director. But she came to the accounting department herself. – Girls, I’m sorry about what happened. Yesterday I gave the key to the new cleaner. But she’s not at work today. A locksmith will be here in an hour, he will break down both doors. “What happened to her?” – It looks like I’ve been drinking.

Anyway, she answered the phone with difficulty and apparently forgot that she had to go to work today. The locksmith came in another 3 hours. By this time, there was a queue at both toilets. Even the men with nostalgia remembered the old cleaner, with whom everything shone with cleanliness. And even more so, there was no such disgrace. Irina Alexandrovna also remembered this little thin woman, who surprisingly managed everything.

The corridor and the toilet already strongly resembled the cleanliness of the station premises, but I had to endure. Finally, Irina Alexandrovna, at the request of the team, went to the director to ask to hire a new cleaner. She started cooking about it to the boss. – Irina Alexandrovna, you see. Several people came to get a temporary job, but looking at their faces, it immediately became clear that they were very friendly with alcohol. Let’s wait a little longer.

The day after tomorrow, our Svetlana goes to work from vacation. The face of the strict accountant lit up with a smile. The head of the computer information department, who came with her to ask, was also delighted. – Svetlana is coming out, right? She didn’t quit? Irina Alexandrovna asked with relief. – no. She was really upset that someone was unhappy with her work. But she never said who. – It’s a good thing that you didn’t fire her, where else would we find such a clean girl as our mother, – said the accountant.

The next day in the morning everything magically shone with purity. “Svetlana has come,” thought each of the newcomers to the workplace. When the cleaner, with a sinking heart, entered the accounting department, Irina Alexandrovna rose to meet her. In her hands she had a solid cake. – Svetlana, welcome back. “We are so glad to see you,” she said and handed the cake to the confused cleaner. The women around clapped.

Tears welled up in Svetlana’s eyes. And the company’s employees suddenly realized that they owed the imperceptible and necessary comfort of work to this person. No matter what a person’s profession is, he should be treated with respect. Every real specialist in his place is necessary and valuable for the whole society.

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