They found the dog wet, not understanding what was the matter, decided to look at the CCTV footage

What do our pets do when they are alone at home? Surely this question is of interest to many people who keep dogs or cats. If you install a video camera, you can learn a lot of interesting things from the life of “our little brothers”. Byron and Melissa Tanarayen live in a large mansion in Boxburg, in the Republic of South Africa.

They have two dogs: a 13-year-old Pomeranian named Chucky and a 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Jesse. Despite their different ages, personalities and sizes, Chucky and Jesse get along well together and are even friends. When Byron and Melissa returned home one day after several hours of absence, they found that Chucky was completely wet.

The couple suggested that the dog was bathing in his bowl of water and made a mess in the house – this has happened many times before. But everything was in order at home, no evidence could be found. What happened then? To find out what the pets were doing in their absence and why Chucky was wet, Byron and Melissa decided to look at the CCTV footage.

What the couple saw led them to horror, from which the blood literally froze in their veins. Chucky was walking in the backyard and accidentally stumbled and fell into the pool. The tiny Pomeranian could not get out of the water in any way, because the curbs of the pool were too high for him and, moreover, smooth and slippery. The dog swam around the perimeter of the pool, barely keeping his head above the water and unsuccessfully trying to find a way out.

A few minutes later, Jessie appeared by the pool, and it was obvious how upset she was that her friend could not get out of there. She began to circle around the edge of the pool, following Chucky nonstop, as if she was supporting him morally and urging him not to give up. It lasted 34 minutes – all this time the pomeranian circled around the perimeter of the pool, and the bull terrier accompanied him, running around.

At the same time, Jessie tried many times to grab Chucky by the withers with her mouth, but she could not do it in any way – the pomeranian slipped out. Finally, her attempts were successful, and Jessie pulled Chucky out of the water. Jessie even put her big paw on her friend’s back, thus pinning him to the ground – so she tried to keep him in place and not let him slip back into the water.

That’s how, thanks to the video recordings, Byron and Melissa found out what happened to Chucky, and that Jessie behaved like a real hero. Of course, they are very grateful to her and proud of her act. Byron commented on this story: “It was scary and heartbreaking to watch what was happening in the video. It’s creepy to imagine what could have happened if Jessie hadn’t come to the rescue.”

Now the couple are planning to install a cover for the pool to protect their pets. Of course, if something goes wrong, they have a wonderful rescue dog – but it’s still better to make sure that everything around is as safe as possible. This story is a vivid confirmation that there is friendship between animals. And it’s also proof of how smart, intelligent and loyal they can be.

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