A millionaire lives on an abandoned island without heating and running water, and here’s why…

Everyone understands happiness in different ways. Someone from the province goes to a big city and tries his best to build a career, and someone is in a hurry to escape from all the benefits of civilization to a secluded quiet place. Rock Sandford is a 63–year-old millionaire who lives completely differently from how millionaires should live in the understanding of modern society. He settled in an old house on Gometra – that’s the name of an island remote from civilization in the north-west of Scotland.

Sandford bought this island quite a long time ago, back in 1992, paying 600,000 pounds for it (almost 670 million rubles at the current exchange rate). And this man has saved his millions by working with real estate and in the tourism industry. The house in which the millionaire now lives was built almost 160 years ago. There are 5 bedrooms in the house – one is occupied by Sandford himself, and the rest were occupied by children whom the man raised himself. Now Rock Sandford lives alone, his adult children have moved to the metropolis.

But none of them forgets their native places – young people regularly come to their father on the Gometra. There is no hot water and no heating in the old house, so in winter it is very cold there – even the water in the cups freezes. Rock receives electricity thanks to a solar panel, and, as he claims, this energy is enough to recharge all the equipment necessary for life.

Here’s what Sandford says about this: “There is enough electricity to power a computer, phones, power tools and flashlights. An electric stove, an electric kettle, an electric fireplace, a washing machine – there are no such household appliances in my house, because they consume a huge amount of energy.” Sandfort says that the only thing he really lacks is a washing machine.

But still, he learned to do without it: “A typewriter is a luxury, I can wash things without it. I have large containers made of wood, which I fill with cold water and put clothes soaked in a small amount of soap in there. Then I just step on these clothes – as if squeezing the juice out of grapes. Then I rinse things in clean water and hang them on the fence.” Sandford is a vegan, but has recently started eating eggs.

Most of the products that a man eats, he grows on his own in his garden. Rock does not hide the fact that some of his children are freegans, that is, they eat what they find in garbage cans, and this is not related to their financial situation, freeganism is a lifestyle that denies the principles of consumerism and, unlike homeless and beggars, freegans do so for ideological reasons. But I’m not sure that the same ideas would have remained with them in the post-Soviet space, where they still manage to sell overdue.

But, however, this is a digression, let’s return to Sandforth. The millionaire does not hesitate to declare that he himself is not averse to adopting the habits of his children: “After the shops close, they throw away a lot of good products (peppers, apples, bananas) that were not bought. I would be happy to take advantage of it.” A reasonable question arises: why does this millionaire live in such a wilderness and in such conditions, why does he lead such an unusual lifestyle for a rich man?

The thing is that Rock Sandford is a participant in the campaign against climate change. Back in the 1990s, he decided to make every effort to improve the natural state of our planet. It was then that he exchanged noisy London for a quiet Gometra, and he does not regret it at all. Sandford admits: “Many people will find my house damp and abandoned, but I really like it. And the island is a wonderful place!

And in general, I feel happy here. However, Rock does not spend all his time on the island. Sometimes he makes trips to London to participate with his like-minded people in actions aimed at supporting the environment. By the way, the children of Rock also take part in them, since the age of 11 they went to such actions together with their father. The road to London is a real adventure for Sandford, which lasts about 17 hours.

To be in the metropolis, a man has to not only take the bus, train and ferry, but also cross the mountains. Yes, it turns out that not all millionaires prefer to live in luxurious palaces, sail on private yachts and eat delicacies. For some, a small house away from civilization, an old boat, self-grown vegetables are quite enough for happiness.

And after all, not even millionaires, but most people of quite ordinary wealth will not agree to live the way Rock Sandford lives. At the same time, Rock is happy and once again proves that the most important thing in life is how you feel yourself. It is safe to say that his spiritual condition is definitely not less than the financial one.

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