The reaction of this tiger to a pregnant woman is incredible!

How interesting it can be to watch our pets, especially if their behavior goes beyond the usual framework. But it turns out that watching wild animals is no less fascinating! Bengal tigers are the strongest and largest predators in the entire feline family. In addition, they are the largest cats in the world: the weight of adult males on average reaches 220 kilograms, the length is almost 3 meters (2 meters of trunk and about 90 centimeters of tail).

Nature has endowed these animals with fangs about 10 centimeters long – these are the longest fangs in cats. And Bengal tigers are the owners of sharp retractable claws that firmly dig into the victim’s body. It is clear that from such a dangerous predator, going out to hunt at dawn or at dusk, rarely any victim manages to escape alive. But perhaps the story I’m going to tell you today will somewhat change your opinion about the formidable and cruel nature of the Bengal tiger, but still it’s definitely not worth checking it.

Everything happened at the Potawatomi Zoo, located in the city of South Bend, Indiana, in the northeastern United States. A group of several friends went on an excursion to the zoo. One of them, Natasha Handshaw, was then seven months pregnant. Natasha decided to take another selfie at the aviary, where a huge Bengal tiger lived, and therefore sat down on a ledge near the glass fence. Surprisingly, the predator did not ignore Natasha, like all other zoo visitors!

This terrible beast behaved like an affectionate playful domestic cat: he tried to stroke a young woman with his paw through the glass of the enclosure, rubbed his muzzle against the glass next to her head. Natasha, who was incredibly struck by everything that was happening, turned to her friends with the words: “This is some kind of madness, I can’t understand – should I laugh or be afraid…And I want to stroke him.” Natasha stood up to her full height, turned to face the aviary and pressed her stomach against the glass fence.

With a tender muzzle, the expression of which resembled the muzzle of a small tender kitten, a huge predator pressed against the glass in the place where the belly of a pregnant woman came into contact with it. The tiger continued to caress Natasha: he sniffed her rounded belly and chest through the fence, leaned his head against the glass and scratched it with his paws in an attempt to stroke the young woman.

Judging by the attention the big predator shows to Natasha, it was quite obvious that he somehow feels her pregnancy in an incredible way. With all his behavior , the beast seemed to be saying: “I know you have a baby there!”. It seemed that this wild formidable cat even communicated with a child! One of Natasha’s friends, Brittany Smith-Osborne, recorded everything that was happening on video and then posted it on her social network page, signing: “We went to the zoo, and look what kind of tiger we met there.

This beautiful beast knew that Natasha was pregnant! The tiger was snuggling up to the baby! It was amazing!”. Of course, the video showing the touching communication between Natasha and a huge wild beast has become super popular. The author of one of the comments made this assumption: “Zoos are designed to help people connect with nature.” Yes, it’s hard to believe in such good-natured behavior of a Bengal tiger.

It is even more difficult to find an answer to the question “Why did the predator behave like this?”. How little, it turns out, we know about animals! They don’t know how to talk, but they can feel and understand much more than people can. And after all, this ability of theirs has been repeatedly demonstrated in a variety of situations, and the case in the zoo was just another confirmation.

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