A fisherman rushed into an icy river to save a confused bear!

To save a life – no matter your own or someone else’s – the decision about what exactly and how to do it has to be made literally in a matter of seconds. Otherwise it may be too late. Elijah Barkley, along with his family and friends, went fishing in West Virginia. The young man did not even imagine that during this trip he would have to save someone’s life.

When the fishermen were walking from the river to their camp, they met a forester accompanied by another man – Joel Rosenthal, a bear trainer who ran the Point of View Farm rehabilitation center for wild animals. They asked the fishermen to be more attentive, because there is a little bear left orphaned in the neighborhood who needs help. Rosenthal was trying to track down the baby to take him to the shelter and get out.

After some time, the fishermen really saw the bear cub. The cub looked very exhausted. Barclay Dodo, one of the fishermen recalls: “We began to get closer to him, but he didn’t even move and remained sitting on the spot, on the bank of the river. It seemed that he was on the verge of fainting.” The forester and Rosenthal were still nearby, and Elijah Barkley told them about the whereabouts of the young bear. As it turned out, the cub was found just in time…

The bear cub was so exhausted that his paws gave way, and he fell into the river. He had absolutely no strength, he could not get ashore and could not even lift his head above the water – he began to sink. The current picked up this small animal and carried it down the rocky river – its death seemed imminent. And then Elijah Barkley began to act: overcoming slippery rocks on the riverbank, he jumped into the icy water and swam to the little poor guy.

“I saw how the cub’s head had already gone under the water, and instinctively rushed to save him. At that time I was only thinking about getting to the bear cub as soon as possible! I completely forgot about the danger and any risks for myself,” Elijah later said. The young man quickly got to the bear cub, immediately grabbed him by the scruff of the neck from behind and pulled him ashore! The little beast remained motionless and seemed to be lifeless, and after a few moments he came to himself and breathed in air with a wheeze. Elijah made it in time!

Barkley then took the animal to Rosenthal. He injected the bear with sleeping pills, wrapped it in towels and put it in his car. Now the little cub was safe. He is gaining strength in the rehabilitation center Rosenthal says: “He is very small, hungry and exhausted, but we are sure that he will be fine, and that we will be able to release him into nature this summer. As soon as he gains weight, we will put him in another enclosure.

There live the cubs who got here last year. They were also orphaned by poachers.” You can only be happy for the bear, he was really very lucky. It was lucky that there was such a person nearby.

And Elijah Barkley can deservedly be called a hero, because he did not think for a minute about whether it was worth risking his safety for the sake of saving an animal. It’s great that there are such brave people who are always ready to help someone who needs it – be it a person or an animal. It seems to me that it is impossible not to agree with this.

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