Why are there more crew members than passengers on the longest flight in the world?

Restrictions imposed due to the pandemic affect any business, including aviation. How have modern flights changed in this regard? One of the tourists, who bought tickets for the longest commercial flight not so long ago, wrote about his observation on his social network page after the flight.

It turns out that there were only 11 passengers on this flight, and 15 crew members: 2 pilots and 13 flight attendants. Why is the number of crew members greater than the number of passengers? Let’s talk about everything in order. Since the fall of 2020, the Asian carrier Singapore Airlines has resumed air service in the direction of Singapore – New York. But, unlike before the coronavirus times, now flights are carried out not to Newark Liberty International Airport, but to John F. Kennedy Airport.

This has led to the fact that the flight has increased by another 5 km, and its length is now 15,349 km. Now it is the longest commercial flight in the world, during which there will be no transfers. From Singapore to New York, the plane flies 18 hours 5 minutes, and from New York in the opposite direction – 18 hours 40 minutes. The airline has made sure that passengers feel comfortable during such a long flight.

Flights are carried out by Airbus A350-900 airliners of the updated modification, the salons of which are very conveniently equipped: high ceilings, high-quality LED lamps. One of the most important advantages of the Airbus A350-900, which the air carrier did not forget to mention, is a low noise level. Three meals a day, a video library with a thousand movies and 30 megabytes of free Internet are provided for the passengers of the airliner.

Gou Chun Fong, the head of Singapore Airlines, said during a speech at the presentation of the route: “We always take care of maximum comfort for our customers. And all our flights must comply with safety standards, because Airbus is a very reliable machine.” He also stressed that such flights will be popular primarily with demanding passengers:

“It is well known from practice that people are much easier to tolerate a long stay in the air than numerous transplants with landings and takeoffs. That is why the new non-stop flight direction has every chance of becoming successful.” It is clear that not every traveler can afford tickets for these flights, a one-way flight costs about 100 thousand rubles, so such flights are popular not only with demanding, but also with wealthy customers.

Because most people prefer to fly twice as cheap, but with a transfer. In this regard, and the still turbulent situation with the coronavirus, it often happens that there are fewer passengers on the plane than crew members. But the management of Singapore Airlines is confident that direct routes to New York will definitely bring economic benefits.

The fact is that there are no more direct flights from Singapore to the northeastern American coast, in connection with which Singapore Airlines expects to receive applications for cargo transportation from pharmaceutical enterprises and companies engaged in business in the field of electronic technologies. By the way, there are several flights that are slightly inferior to the New York – Singapore flight in terms of basic characteristics.

For example, the plane of the Qatar Airways air carrier flies the Doha – Auckland route for 16 hours and 30 minutes without additional landings, while overcoming more than 14,500 km. Since 2016, there have been non–stop flights of Dubai carrier Emirates in the direction of Dubai – Auckland with a duration of 16 hours in the eastern direction and 17 hours 15 minutes in the western direction.

But the real leader in long non–stop routes is a flight from Hong Kong to London,” made in 2005 on a Boeing 777-200. Then, in almost 23 hours, the plane flew 21,602 km. Such a flight was made only once.

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