The manager humiliated the cleaner, and she replied with a note that touched people on the Internet…

Do you remember the words of Vladimir Mayakovsky “All works are good, choose your taste!”? And indeed all the work is very important and necessary. But often the profession also acts as a measure of respect for a person. One of the Twitter users told in his microblog a story that happened to his mother. This story caused a storm of emotions among subscribers and in a few days collected thousands of likes. So what is the essence of the story?

For almost 40 years, Julie worked as a cleaner in a banking institution. She was a kind and friendly person, very responsible about her duties, and she had a very good relationship with all the employees of the bank. Everything was fine until a new manager was hired. This man clearly considered himself better than all those who were below him in office, he developed a particularly contemptuous attitude towards the cleaner.

And on one of the working days, the manager behaved in a completely inappropriate way: he very rudely and aggressively expressed his claims to Julie, and did it in front of strangers. The woman could not tolerate such humiliation and decided to just leave work. Julie also did not make a row and sort things out or complain about the rude man, she found a more original solution – she wrote an open letter to the management.

And it became the best possible way to put a toxic leader in his place. A Twitter user didn’t just tell this story, he also posted a photo of a note that his mom wrote. In her letter, the woman said that she had left all the work supplies at her disposal on the spot. And then she explained her departure: “After you scolded me in public, I don’t want to work here anymore.

It was aggressive, rude and cruel behavior on your part. And this behavior of yours is evidence of your upbringing, not my attitude to my duties. People are equal regardless of their position, and you are no better than a simple cleaner. In this world, each of us can be anyone by profession, but most importantly, everyone should remain a person – a kind and well-mannered person. Sincerely, Julie.”

This post with Julie’s published letter caused a strong reaction among subscribers. In their comments, many people not only wrote about their attitude to this situation, but also told stories that they themselves witnessed. Yes, not everyone in the world can be managers, managers, marketers. And they are not needed in large quantities.

And the profession should in no way serve as a measure of respect – for an electrician, a plumber, a loader, respect should be the same. It is another matter whether a person is worthy of respect because of his personal qualities.

And in absolutely any profession, goodwill and the ability to communicate with people should be an invariable advantage, and even, rather, an obligatory component of the personal characteristics of an employee. And as for the profession of a cleaner, this is a very important job for both a small office and a large enterprise. After all, hardly anyone would like to work in the mud.

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