Cruel children covered the puppy with glue, but his reincarnation causes everyone to tremble.

The problem of animal cruelty is now extremely relevant all over the world. There are many reasons for such an unhealthy trend, including the lack of serious punishment – everything is limited to small fines, and only for adults. This story took place in Turkey, in the city of Istanbul. In one of the industrial buildings, a rescue team found a small four-month-old puppy. He was a stray, and he was unlucky: he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The helpless puppy fell into the hands of cruel young perverts who mocked him in every possible way, and finally covered him with industrial glue and dragged him through the mud. The glue acted the same way cement does, so the little animal could not move at all – only the tongue moved. And in this state, the children left the puppy to die.

But at least the kid was lucky in this – rescuers found him and took him to the local office of He’art of Rescue. The international organization He’art of Rescue is a group of employees and volunteers who work to prevent all forms of animal cruelty, as well as rescue and rehabilitation of animals that have suffered or found themselves in critical conditions.

The veterinarian had to completely shave Pascal (that’s how the puppy was named) – there was no other way to remove glue and stuck branches and other dirt from the wool. After this procedure, it became clear how much this helpless cub suffered from chemicals: in places his skin was completely stripped off, large red wounds throbbed on his body. Pascal had to undergo several months of rehabilitation. His wounds healed, and he was able to move freely and even run again.

The body was covered with beautiful fur again. At first, when Pascal was first brought to the center, he was very afraid of people. But thanks to the loving care of all members of the rescue team, the puppy gradually learned to communicate. And he learned to trust people again and even started wagging his tail! When Pascal recovered, he was given up for adoption. Very quickly, this cute young dog with a kind heart found caring people who loved him and took him into their home.

Pascal now lives with this family in Spain. There’s another dog in the house, and these two are best buddies. They play and frolic together, often run along the beach. Fortunately, this story ended well. But what can we say about people who mock defenseless animals?

In 1997, studies were conducted in the USA and found out that those who abuse animals are 5 times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and 4 times more likely to commit property crimes. The American Association of Psychologists has long proposed equating the craving for violence against animals with mental disorders, considering such cruel behavior as one of the evidences of a mental disorder.

The problem of animal cruelty is extremely serious. This problem cannot be hushed up and pretended that it does not exist. Therefore, any parent should instill in their children a love for animals from a very young age.

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