Mom sent her daughter to swim in the sea and regretted seeing who joined the child…

Parents of young children should be very careful and observe basic safety measures. After all, by their irresponsibility, they can endanger the life of their own child. Cherie and her six-year-old daughter Anela spent time on the beautiful beach of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The girl really wanted to swim, so Shari let her splash by the shore, and she lay down to sunbathe.

From time to time, the woman looked to make sure that her daughter did not go very far from the shore. When Shari got tired of lying down, she took the phone and began to shoot Aniela on video, but she began to behave somehow incomprehensibly. At first, the woman did not understand what was happening at all, and then she heard her daughter’s scream and saw a fin sticking out of the water next to her. There was a shark swimming next to Aniela! Then Shari said that when she saw the shark, she was terribly scared and began to pray to all the gods, hoping for a miracle.

Shari left her phone and ran to the baby. Fortunately, the girl had already run ashore, shouting at the top of her voice that a shark had swum to her. In general, she got off with a slight fright and a couple of days later she was already talking about this adventure, without ceasing to smile. And her mom said in an interview: “I’m so glad Aniela wasn’t hurt! Angels must be watching her.” After watching the video that Shari shot on the beach, experts determined that a black-finned shark was circling around the girl.

These sharks are afraid of people and very rarely swim to the shore. Perhaps she was trying to catch up with some fish and got so carried away that she swam aground. Shari also posted a video, which clearly shows a marine predator swimming around the baby, on the Internet. Some users were just happy that everything ended well: “Thank God, this little girl was not hurt! Probably, she was really guarded by angels.”

There were subscribers who just told stories from their lives. But still, most people were perplexed about Mom’s reaction, and some were openly outraged. “I can’t believe Mom took so long to record a video. I would have given up everything”, “Mom didn’t even do anything but record, it’s all for likes.” Others couldn’t understand why Shari wasn’t in the water with the baby?

But some of the users still stood up for the young mother: “She recorded how her daughter plays. She had no idea there was a shark there. It took her a while to figure out what was going on.” Well, probably this version is close to the truth, it is unlikely that a normal parent will put his child’s life in danger for the sake of the video. And what do you think about everything that happened? How do you think Mom behaved correctly?

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