The husband suddenly found out that his wife’s newborn twins were from two different men…

Sometimes there are such stories that can be confidently called a surprise for life. Well, if a pleasant surprise, because, unfortunately, they are not only like that. Did you know that sometimes in China, in order to register a newborn child, it is necessary to undergo a DNA analysis procedure to confirm kinship?

It was thanks to such DNA testing that a young man from Xiamen, Fujian Province, learned that the twins his wife gave birth to had two different fathers. Yes, it’s not a typo, and you read it right! DNA results showed that fraternal twins have the same mother, but different fathers! This incredible situation was commented on by Deng Yajun, who holds the position of director of the forensic medical expert center in Beijing, and compiles reports on paternity.

He said the following: “At this time, no more than 10 similar cases are known worldwide. The probability that a woman will give birth to twins from different fathers is only 1 in 10,000,000.” Deng Yajun also tells how it can happen that a woman has twins from different fathers. Here ‘s how he explained it: “The birth of fraternal twins from different men is an extremely rare phenomenon, which has received the scientific name “superfecundation”.

The fact is that in a woman’s ovaries, two or even more eggs sometimes ripen simultaneously in the same month. These different eggs can be fertilized by the spermatozoa of both one man and two and further more, if there are three eggs, for example.

This happens if a woman has sex with different men, and the intervals in her communication with them can be several days – studies have confirmed that spermatozoa are able to maintain their viability in the fallopian tubes from 2 to 7 days.

Well, then everything happens as in a completely normal pregnancy: several fertilized zygote eggs enter the uterus, where they take root to its wall and develop in a completely standard order. It’s just that each of these eggs will have its own placenta, and such twin babies will be born, however, like any twins, a little earlier than usual and with a little less weight.” It is difficult to imagine what a shock the newly-made father experienced.

Although most likely, for his unfaithful wife, such a development of events also came as a complete surprise. A woman will have to pay dearly for her blunder, because her husband has already said that he is divorcing her and will only support his own son. And a woman should hardly expect help from an unknown lover – now she will have to rely only on her own strength. But we must admit that the most difficult moment in the whole story described above is how to explain to the twin children that they have different fathers.

While they are small, they will not understand for sure. And when they grow up and understand – will they be able to accept this, and how will they treat their own mother? But life will show. Did you know that such a thing could happen in nature in principle? It turns out that superfecundation is extremely rare only in humans, but at the same time in many animals it is a relatively common phenomenon. What do you think about the whole story?

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