A homeless person rejects tea because he prefers another drink. His act caused controversy online

You never need to assume anything and decide for someone, otherwise you can be made a fool of yourself. Most people agree with this statement, but from time to time some still fall into such a trap, although they want to do a good deed. One of these assumptions, made by Twitter user Emilia, as a result led to a heated discussion on the social network. The Internet is still full of debates right now.

But let’s talk about everything in order. Walking through the city streets, Emilia saw an unhappy homeless man. Feeling sorry for this man, she decided to treat him with something. The girl asked the man whether to buy him food. When she heard the affirmative answer, she brought food and tea to the homeless man. How do you think it ended? To the great surprise of the girl, the beggar refused tea, saying that he preferred coffee.

The girl told about how the homeless man reacted to the fact that Emilia brought him tea along with the food on her social network page. She wrote that everything that happened was an unpleasant and humiliating experience for her, because she should not have assumed that the beggar would drink tea or coffee. “Now I understand that it was necessary to ask the homeless person in advance what to buy for him,” she added.

That’s how the usual assumption that everyone loves tea provoked heated debates among many Twitter users. People are arguing about whether homeless people have the right to choose in such situations. All the disputants were divided into two conditionally opposite camps. Many users came out in defense of the homeless. Some wrote that a beggar has every right to choose, because he is still a human being, and society should in no case deprive him of this right.

Here is one of the posts: “No one consciously chooses poverty and no one deserves to have his right to choose taken away from him.” Some people have gone even further in their reasoning. They asked: “How would you feel if you were below the poverty line, and if your charity was imposed on you? They would impose it without taking into account such things as allergies, tastes and preferences.

Why do you assume that before becoming homeless, these people did not go to work, did not cook food, did not work out in the gym – in general, did not have a normal life? And yes, it would be worth asking him what he wants, instead of giving him what he doesn’t need and putting him in an awkward position.” There were also those who wrote: “If someone started offering you some food on the street, would you take it? No!

So why should beggars be grateful that something was bought for them? Just because they’re beggars? There were also a lot of people who took the opposite position. Some argued that beggars should be happy to accept everything that is offered to them. And that this particular man was most likely not hungry enough to go through the food so much. Others claimed that he did not appreciate at all what Emilia had done for him: neither the effort nor the money spent.

Here’s how one of the subscribers said: “He should be grateful, because no one is obliged to give him anything! And besides, “they don’t look a gift horse in the teeth” – this phrase is true in any case, regardless of the status of a person.” Some supported Emilia in the fact that she bought food, and not just gave money or bought alcohol, which the tramp even hinted to her: “From my personal experience, giving clothes and food is much better than money.

I know some beggars in my neighborhood – if you give them money, they immediately buy only alcohol.” Another user camp has also formed. These people just told stories from their lives when they did something good for the homeless, and the result was ambiguous. For example, one of them wrote: “A poor woman asked me, an unemployed student, to buy her sausages. When I agreed, she said she liked chicken more.

I’m an idiot because I bought her a chicken with the last money, and I had to walk home through the whole city. And she barely remembered to say the following: “Oh, right! Thank you.” Beggars cannot be the ones who make choices and make decisions, otherwise they will be forced to buy cigarettes and booze for them,” the user said.

Well, this is a rather controversial topic, of course, anyone has the right to choose. But surely situations when homeless people on the street react inadequately to the help offered to them in the form of food and drinks have happened to many, because of this you should not be upset, because there will always be those who really need it. What do you think about this?

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