She humiliated her grandson’s fiancee for her dark skin and that’s what happened…

Some people judge a person by their nationality or skin color. But true love has no conventional boundaries and sweeps away all obstacles in its path. Julien met Chipot at university. This girl had struck him to the heart. She was sweet, charming and had an excellent sense of humor. He felt cheerful and happy with her.

She also liked the handsome guy who brought her a luxurious flower every day. And none of them even noticed that the girl was African-American, and the young man was a native Frenchman. The relationship was developing successfully. Julien had the most serious intentions and before making an offer, he decided to introduce his beloved to his grandparents.

It just so happened that in life the guy had a warmer relationship with them than with his parents. Julien and Chipot, holding hands, cheerfully entered the courtyard of a neat house with a luxurious flower garden. Planting was watered by a cute old man, who immediately liked the girl. When he saw his grandson with a girl, he smiled happily. Then he plucked the most gorgeous rose and handed it to her: “My grandson’s favorite.”

Chipo was embarrassed, but gladly accepted the gift. Julien smiled, pleased. – Now I’ll ask Perlita to set the table. Let’s celebrate our meeting. – grandpa hurried towards the house. They stood together in the garden, admiring the flowers, then went inside the house. Julien’s beloved grandmother was setting the table there. He wanted to jump up and hug her as usual, but when he saw a very displeased expression on her face, he stopped.

Everyone sat down at the table. But there were only 3 dishes on it so far. – I’ll see if there’s enough food for one more person. After all, we did not plan that there would be uninvited guests. – the grandmother declared to the bewildered grandson and the guest. – Nothing, Grandma, don’t worry, I’ll give Chipo my portion. Julien jokingly replied and pushed the plate to the girl. – What else. – the old woman grabbed the edge and the plate almost flew back to her grandson. “I’ll get her something to eat, too.”

After a while, Perlita brought the food in an old, cracked cup and put it in front of Chipo. Julien’s eyes just “popped out of their sockets.” Where did Grandma dig up this old cup, which, as he thought, had been thrown away a long time ago! Grandfather looked at his wife with surprised eyes. Chipo realized that they didn’t want to see her here and said, “Excuse me, I have to go.”

-Go, go, baby. You’re not a couple here. the old woman answered her loudly after her. – Granny, what are you talking about! Julien exclaimed and ran after Chipo. – If you want to go back with her, it’s better not to come back at all! We don’t need niggers here. The old woman shouted after him. The grandson stopped, not knowing whether to run after Chipo or stay with his grandmother, who was so nervous. He still ran to the gate, but the girl had already left. – That’s for the best. – the joyful grandmother patted her grandson on the shoulder. – You’ll find a white girl. – Grandma, what are you saying!

I love her! Julien was not himself for several days. Finally, when his wife went to the store, his grandfather sat down with him. – Julien, are you not yourself? – Grandfather, I love this girl and I want to marry her. Is skin color really important in this case? “Of course not, Julien. By the way, your grandmother is from Spain. But we’ve lived with her all our lives. – So what should I do? Chipo is not answering my calls. And she’s not in class anymore. “Do you really love her?”

-Yes, Grandfather. – Then go to her house and make an offer! Do you know where she lives? – of course. – Then – go ahead! Follow your heart. – Thank you, Grandpa. Emboldened, Julien finally made up his mind. The ring had already been bought from him. He planned to hand it over in front of his grandparents, but Chipo was terribly offended. Now he was literally running towards her house, praying to God that the girl would forgive him. The guy waited for several hours. It was late in the evening when Chipo appeared tired.

He stepped out from behind a tree. The girl looked at him with tearful eyes. “Why have you come, Julien?” Your white family won’t accept a black one. – Chipo, I love you and ask you to become my wife! Forgive me and my grandmother. I’m sure she’ll change when she finds out what a wonderful person you are. The girl looked at her beloved for a while with disbelief, then they hugged.

“I agree,” Chipo said simply. It’s been 10 years. Everything has changed beyond recognition. Julien and Chipo got married and lived very happily. They had a wonderful son, who was named after his grandfather – Thibault. He grew up an excellent football player and already at his age showed great hopes. As my grandfather said, he played for the city national team in his youth. And now he hoped that his grandson would go further than him. Once a loving family was visiting grandparents.

Grandfather and grandson, as always, moved to a table and began to discuss their football interests. The names of famous players and teams kept flashing through their conversation. Perlita set the table for her beloved grandson and daughter-in-law. She was happy that Julien had chosen such a worthy girl. In all 10 years of living together, she has never offended the elderly by word or deed. The mother of their beloved grandson was still as positive as in her youth.

It was easy and simple to communicate with her. When they sat down at the table, Perlita began a conversation about what had been weighing on her for more than 10 years. She tried to apologize to Chipo, telling him how wrong she was. In response, the young woman simply stood up and hugged the old woman by the shoulders. – I’m not mad at you. It’s all in the past. And everyone can make mistakes. I also used to think that people of a different skin color could not become family for me.

But it turned out not to be so! – Thank you, my girl, for not holding a grudge against me! The young and old women embraced Julien, whom they both loved very much. Now Chipo herself was the mother of a son and looked at many things differently. The old lady was happy that her beloved grandson’s mother forgave her. In life, the color of your skin or the nationality of your chosen one is not important. When there is love and respect, the family is sure to be happy.

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