Tickets for this cruise in 2023 cost up to $278,000 and were sold out in one day. Why?

In most cases, tickets for popular performances are sold out long before they go on stage. It turns out that there is a similar story with cruises. Silversea Cruises has planned a sea voyage on the luxury liner Silver Shadow for 2023, and all tickets have already been sold out! But why did this happen if we take into account that the trip costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? Let’s figure it out.

The world cruise in question will begin in Sydney and end in Fort Lauderdale. The cruise itinerary is designed so that travelers can get acquainted with the most remarkable places of the Southern Hemisphere.

This list includes the distant lands of Papua New Guinea, the exotic islands of Mauritius and Reunion, the island African state of Cape Verde, the island Australian state of Tasmania, New Zealand, the multinational state of Myanmar, the Republic of South Africa located in the very south of the African continent.

In total, the program of this cruise includes as many as 66 stops in ports of 34 countries on 5 continents. An important difference between this sea cruise and others will be that the Silver Shadow liner will sail not only by sea. He will travel part of the way along the Amazon so that passengers can get acquainted with the natural and cultural values of the legendary region.

During the trip, a variety of entertainment events will be held on board the liner. They will be aimed at introducing the cruise participants to the sights, culture and life of the countries of the Southern Hemisphere. But this is not all the differences of this trip, its uniqueness lies in the duration.

This world tour starts in Sydney on January 10 and ends in Fort Lauderdale on May 28. It turns out that its duration will be as much as 139 days! The number of people who became the lucky owners of a ticket to the floating Silver Shadow Hotel in 2023 is quite limited – only 388 people.

I must say that it is not cheap to take the route on a luxury liner-hotel: the price of a ticket to the most “simple” cabin is $ 74,000, and the most luxurious options are $ 278,000. But despite such high prices, all the seats were sold out within the first hours after they were put up for sale. This speed of sale has become an absolute record for Silversea Cruises.

In fairness, we can add that the ticket price also includes a flight with Qantas to Sydney from several airports in the UK and the USA. Roberto Martinoli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Silversea Cruises, said about the small number of participants on the flight and the rapid sale of tickets: “Of course, such unprecedented demand is very pleasing!

To date, this is the most successful launch of such a grand cruise in history, and this indicates a huge demand from wealthy and sophisticated travelers. I advise everyone who is interested in such a trip to sign up for the “Waiting List” as soon as possible. After following this interesting route, Silver Shadow will definitely go along it again.” By the way, about what Silver Shadow is.

This floating hotel is a real combination of elegance, impeccable service, spacious interiors, cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The liner has an outdoor swimming pool, SPA, fitness center, library, computer center, concert hall, conference hall, bars, casinos, clubs, duty-free shops, tour desks. In total, there are 194 cabins on the liner, their area varies from 27 to 133 m2.

At the same time, there are no internal cabins – they all have ocean views, and most of them have a balcony. There are 2 cabins that are fully equipped for people with disabilities. The interiors of the rooms are fascinating and made in discreet colors so that people can feel comfortable during a long journey.

The route of this floating hotel is really amazing when you see it on the map, in fact, people who have bought a tour will be able to practically travel around the world. Such an unusual cruise will surely amaze the most sophisticated traveler, but unfortunately, only a few will be able to afford it. Would you like to go on a cruise on such a floating hotel?

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