The bride left him for a rich man. And that’s what he does to numb the pain…

Selfish and weak-willed people always think first of all about their emotions and feelings, completely without delving into what it is like to live next to their relatives. Such was Antonin, who lives in a beautiful two-story house on the outskirts of French Bordeaux with his mother. Their father died in a car accident when Antonin was still young. The boy was also in that car, but he didn’t remember anything.

After the death of her husband, the woman was left with a law office and a translation agency, where they worked together with her husband. She didn’t understand anything about law and was only engaged in translations. When her husband was gone, Clemens gave up the office to competitors and began to deal only with her son. After what happened, she was terribly afraid that something would happen to Antonin.

The woman loved the boy infinitely and, perhaps, a little madly. All his wishes were fulfilled from early childhood, and he got used to looking at his mother as a kind of servant assigned by life to bring him joy. The guy did not notice at all that with the growth of his “appetites” his mother began to work much more. She knew 3 languages, took orders for translations from various places, including publishing houses, commercial firms and any other orders where they paid well.

Chinese was especially popular. But he was almost always required to be translated by the next day. The woman sat at hieroglyphs all night. But the son did not particularly burden himself with work. My mother did all the housework. She even almost always went shopping for food alone. After school Antonin entered the university. My mother paid for her studies at a prestigious educational institution.

With money, however, it became more difficult. I had to sell a rich house and move to a more modest dwelling. But Antonin did not have to work and study at the same time, as most of the guys from his group did. Therefore, the young man had much more time for his personal life. And so he met a beauty a year younger than him. Everything was fine until he invited her home. Antonin noticed with what an appraising glance the girl walked through their small house.

Then she was surprised that they don’t have a garage and the guy doesn’t even have a license! After that, Rein became more distant, and Antonin already considered her his bride! It’s been a little over a week. The girl avoided the meeting under various pretexts. And in the morning, a young man saw how his beloved was driven to the university by a rich man. Antonin had never seen such a gorgeous car in his life.

And its owner was twice as old as Rein. Before parting, they kissed warmly. Antonin was smitten. The world collapsed at his feet and broke into small pieces. He came home and locked himself in his room. The mother asked through the door what had happened. But he wasn’t going to let her in. The bride preferred a rich man to him and he had to drown out his pain with something. He knew what he would do.

Every month his mother put a tidy sum on the card so that Antonin could buy everything he needed. He opened the Internet, went to the right site and made an order. An hour later he got a call. The order was at the door. He left the room for a while, took the box and carried it to his room. Clemens saw that her son was terribly upset and was carrying some strange order in his hands. – Antonin, what happened? – Nothing, Mom, absolutely nothing. Except that Rein left me.

She found a rich man because I turned out to be a jerk. – So say thank you that God has saved you from a bride who only needs money! You’ll find yourself a normal girl. – What kind of girl can a nobody find, Mom! “You’re wrong and you know it. And what kind of order is this? – This is Mom’s cognac. Good, high-quality cognac and my anesthesia. To forget thoroughly and for a long time. – Son, it’s not worth it.

How do you know how I suffer! – he shouted finally viciously and closed the door in her face. Clemence was terribly upset. It’s been 3 days since Antonin drank without stopping. She tried to offer him food, but her son left the room only at night, in a half-dead state. I took water from the kitchen, went to the toilet and came back, and locked myself in. The woman still decided to try to stir him up.

In the morning, while the young man was still relatively sober, she knocked on the door and asked to go with her to the store for large purchases. – Antonin, I need to buy vegetables and more food. A lot is over. Help me, please, to bring everything from the store. – I’m not going anywhere. If you can’t carry it, take less. It’s none of my business. Deciding not to make her son nervous, Clemens went to the store alone.

At this time, a crazy thought arose in Antonin’s half-drunk head: “Maybe Rein has already abandoned this coxcomb and is now looking for me? And I’m sitting here.” With this thought, barely moving his legs, the guy jumped out of the house and ran towards the university. But his legs did not keep up with his desires at all, stumbling in different directions. As a result, he jumped out from behind a parked car onto the road at the most unexpected moment.

The driver tried to avoid the collision and turn away. But the trouble is, Antonin, who was not thinking straight from a multi-day drunkenness, tried to jerk in the same direction. The guy was crushed and thrown under the wheels. Doctors who arrived at the scene of the accident said that most likely the spine was broken. For several months, Clemens was torn between the hospital and work. Now orders had to be carried out only at night. In the afternoon, she sat with her son all day. This began to affect the quality of work.

In two of the most prestigious places, her services were refused. Night transfers turned out to be with a significant error. And most importantly, anxiety was constantly exhausting. The woman lost a lot of weight and walked like a shadow. Medical bills cost her huge sums and she was very afraid of not being able to cope with their payment. But there lay her only son, her beloved Antonin. Looking at him, she told herself that she would definitely be able to work for many more years.

Finally, the young man was discharged from the hospital. During this time, Clemens lost most of her clients and sold the house. Now they were huddled in a small rented apartment. Antonin saw his mother getting worse and worse. She was smiling and joking with him, but he saw through the open door how she was drinking medicine in the kitchen. At the same time, he himself could not even put his feet on the footboard of the wheelchair, since only the upper half of his body was “alive”.

The guy remembered with hatred his disgusting antics in a healthy state. It became incredibly funny to him, from which he was able to create a problem for himself from scratch and completely destroy his life and his mother’s life. He turned out to be a real killer son, who slowly, but surely, let his only native person down to the last line. His mother was paying for his mistakes.

And after her death, he will remain a helpless invalid, which no one in the world will remember. It wasn’t fair to his mother, and Antonin thought for the first time in his life that he had to do something for her. The guy decided that he would study at least until bloody calluses, and he would definitely get up to make life easier for his mother.

It was as if a veil had fallen from his eyes and he realized that his mother was the most native and unselfishly loving person. If a person is ready to make a hasty decision, he must necessarily be aware of its long-term consequences for himself and others. It is unworthy to take responsibility for your mistakes on those who are nearby and worry with all their hearts.

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