The student pressed the button and the ATM gave him 400 pounds. He ordered them so that mom cried

Getting a huge amount of money at a time is an incredible luck for any person. And everyone will manage such money in different ways. Jack Greenhalgh is an ordinary 11–year-old boy from Moorside in the UK. This young man managed to get rich instantly and also instantly be left without money, which came to him miraculously. How did it happen? Jack and his friend spent their free time at the mall.

Jack’s friend wanted to withdraw cash from a bank card, but the ATM was not working. Jack thought that if he tried to press all the buttons on the keyboard, it would somehow help to repair the car. So he did. And it really helped! The ATM is working, and even how! The boys did not have time to pick up the bills – they counted in cash a huge sum of 400 pounds sterling (more than 40,000 rubles).

For an adult, maybe it’s not a big amount, but for 11-year-old boys it was the limit of dreams, remember yourself at their age then and a thousand rubles was not a bad capital. Later Jack told: “I decided that the ATM was broken, and I started pressing all the buttons indiscriminately. I thought that if it is broken, it will definitely not be worse, and suddenly, in this way, it will be possible to repair. And almost immediately something beeped in the ATM, and he began to issue banknotes.

It even felt like some kind of magic.” Magic? Or is it really a magic ATM, as it seemed to Jack? Of course not. A common program failure that can happen to any, even the most reliable device. The money that the ATM was giving out belonged to a woman who was checking her account at the same ATM. She did this just before Jack’s friend tried to withdraw cash for himself.

And at that moment, while Jack was taking the banknotes, this woman was in a panic and did not know what to do! After all, she received a notification on her mobile phone that she allegedly withdrew 400 pounds from her card. Jack managed to resist the temptation – he did not take away the wealth that had fallen on him so unexpectedly. But he didn’t know how to do the right thing with the money, so he decided to just report everything that had happened to the security guards of the shopping center.

The entire amount was immediately returned to its owner. And Jack Greenhalgh, for his honesty and generosity, was later presented by the bank’s employees with a gift certificate for shopping in a supermarket worth 10 pounds (about 1,000 rubles). “Jack immediately called me from the mall and told me that he had found an unrealistically large amount. And then he told me in detail about everything that happened.

“It’s amazing! You’re just great!” – this was my reaction to what I heard from my son,” said the boy’s mother, Donna. And later she admitted that she even burst into tears when she learned about her son’s act, as she was proud of him and for what kind of boy he was growing up. Yes, Jack was Donna’s real pride now. And not because he was able to get such a huge sum in a few minutes, but because of what he then did with this money.

And the boy himself honestly admits: “If I was lucky enough to find a pound somewhere, I would boldly spend it for my pleasure. But 400 pounds is too much money! Maybe it’s even someone’s last money. I’m not a fool or a thief to just take someone else’s money. It would be completely wrong and not fair.” I wonder what many of us would do in Jack Greenhalgh’s place? And no less interesting: how much can you trust the banking system, in which such failures occur?

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