The girl brought the elderly to tears when she cleaned up their house!

Many people are afraid to be alone. It is especially scary to be left alone in old age, when there are sometimes no forces for elementary actions. Unfortunately, it is the elderly who are more likely to find themselves in such a situation. Auri Katarina lives in Finland. Auri has a rather unusual hobby: she loves cleaning and keeps a blog on this topic in TikTok.

In the blog, the girl gives a lot of useful tips on how to remove dirt from furniture, household appliances, carpets. But sometimes she does things that are admired by her subscribers and touch everyone’s hearts. One day, Auri recorded a video in which she showed an elderly couple’s house as it was before cleaning, and after. The result impressed the users.

And Auri made happy two 80-year-old people who did not have the strength and opportunity for health reasons to keep their home clean. The elderly couple lived alone, they had no relatives, and no one could help them. Thanks to Auri, for the first time in a very long time, these people received an impeccable order in their house. In the first part of the video, you can see how dirty all the rooms are. In the kitchen, the work surface at the stove is littered with garbage, the transparent glass hood is yellow with stuck fat.

The refrigerator is covered with a dirty coating, and its shelves are filled with expired food. An unrealistically thick layer of dust has accumulated on the TV and furniture. In the bedroom, everything was littered with things and garbage, and it was scary to even look into the bathroom. In the second part of the video, the girl showed how the housing of an elderly couple was transformed after cleaning. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom – perfect cleanliness. There is no dust on any surface, there is no garbage to be seen anywhere, all things are laid out in their places.

Under the video, Auri captioned: “Of all the cleaning that I did, this cleaning gave me the most joy.” The girl also told how pleased she was to see that the perfect cleanliness in the house brought real happiness to its owners. The elderly woman even shed tears! Auri said that there are two reasons why she cleans other people’s homes for free. Firstly, she considers herself the best cleaning specialist, and she likes to do what she is the best at.

Secondly, she is sure that helping people is one of the most important vocations in her life. The story of how the girl helped elderly spouses for free and brought them to tears did not go unnoticed. Videos about cleaning the house of an elderly couple have gained millions of views, and thousands of viewers have left comments under them. Naturally, people admired Auri’s act in the comments: One of the users wrote “You are amazing! It’s so great that you’re helping the elderly!”.

Another commenter admired the girl’s diligence: “I’m sure it was extremely difficult to clean and clean up all this. Thanks! You are a real angel! And thank you for being there!”. But there were also sad comments: “Of course, you are a great smart person who helped these people. But at the same time it is very sad to see how lonely helpless old people live.” Unfortunately, if such a thing is happening in Finland, it is not necessary to talk about the countries of the post-Soviet space.

We have a lot of lonely elderly people and only really working government programs (and not created for show) could partially solve this problem. But first of all, you need to remember about your responsibility, about your parents, because many lonely old people have children who simply do not want to take care of them. And caring for elders is the foundation of any civilized society.

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