The dirty homeless man sat down in a chair by the barrier, the transformation moved him to tears…

It happens that people do good deeds not for the sake of profit, but just like that, at the call of the soul. Life in general is full of incredible surprises. For example, a real portal to another dimension and a reference point for a new reality can be an ordinary chair in a hairdressing salon. A new video has recently appeared in TikTok, the main characters of which are stylist–hairdresser Pavel Kerimov, owner of the BLAIS salon in Moscow, and a homeless man whose name is not announced.

In this video, Pavel Kerimov showed how in a few minutes he turned a homeless man into a handsome, respectable man. Of course, barber didn’t use any magic, just gave the man a haircut and shaved him. Homeless people do not have a special opportunity to monitor their appearance – it’s good if at least sometimes there is an opportunity and a desire to put themselves in order.

This homeless man happened to be next to the salon BLAIS and did not expect at all that its owner would offer his help! Pavel Kerimov decided to cut and shave the homeless man for free, since the latter had no money for a haircut. What is the essence of this story? At the very beginning of the video, viewers can watch an overgrown and dirty man sitting in a chair with pursed lips.

And already in the next frame, a completely different person with a neatly trimmed beard and a beautiful model haircut appears before his eyes. The result is stunning! But that’s not all! The homeless man was crying! What caused his tears? Perhaps he was deeply touched by the fact that the master did not take money from him? No. Tears poured from his eyes at the sight of his own reflection in the mirror. Perhaps this person saw himself as he was once, in his other life?

Or maybe he realized that with such an appearance he could achieve a lot. And who knows, maybe he decided that not everything is still lost and something can be changed? Anyway, even though this man was crying, his eyes were shining with happiness. Of course, because he went into the salon as an ordinary homeless person, and he will come out quite a respectable person. It would be great if this completely random, spontaneous trip to the hairdresser motivated this person to change not only his appearance, but also the rest of his life.

Most TikTok users shared the customer’s delight. Under the video, many left their positive comments and expressed their opinion about the homeless man’s updated appearance: “Now he is no longer homeless – he looks like a big businessman,” “He looks like a solid deputy.” But some users did not believe in such a magical transformation and tried to convict Kerimov of forgery. Someone pays attention to the fact that the facial features are different.

Someone thought that the dirt was not real. All these moments were displayed by incredulous users in their comments: “These are completely different people! Their ears are different, and their eyebrows are not the same! Is it really not visible to someone?”, “And why should I get dirty with chocolate? It can be seen that this is not dirt!”. Pavel Kerimov says that it was for “unbelieving” users that he recorded a video with the complete process of transforming a homeless person into a “businessman”.

What can I say? Perhaps Pavel really followed the call of his soul and helped the poor man from the bottom of his heart. Or maybe, in order to become more popular, I just decided to follow the example of my fellow barbers. For example, I decided to repeat Jason Schneidman from Los Angeles, who often gives free haircuts to homeless people and founded the non-profit organization TheMenGroomer, about one of his transformations we have already told.

But no matter how it was, Pavel did a very important act and launched a relay of good deeds among his colleagues in our country. The homeless man, who was tonsured by barber, was really lucky. And if Pavel continues to carry out such actions, there will be more such lucky people. The master of his craft has shown that a haircut and shaving can change a person beyond recognition, but more importantly, a change of appearance can be the starting point for a return to normal life.

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