A man blocks a woman at an ATM, unaware that her dog is a policeman

Many psychologists say that the world around us is exactly the way we want it to be. Someone lives and just enjoys life, while someone does not feel safe anywhere and sees a threat at every step. Sandra hated the neighborhood she lived in. But on her meager salary as a waitress, she could not rent a place in a better place. There were only two things that allowed Sandra to feel at home at least in some kind of security: a lot of strong locks on a strong steel door and a German shepherd named Bear.

The bear is a retired police dog, which the girl was able to take for herself thanks to the connections of a friend. This massive dog of a solid age may have enjoyed a quiet life, but he still remained sharp and collected in dangerous situations. That evening, when Sandra was heading to the only ATM in her neighborhood, one of these unpleasant situations just happened. The first disturbing obstacle, because of which the girl felt a cold fear, appeared just around the corner.

They were cheeky guys who drank and loudly commented on even louder music. One of the guys drew attention to Sandra, and disgusting jokes and comments immediately poured into her address. The girl felt flashes of anxious thoughts in her head, felt the all-too-familiar chilling cold in her stomach and a strong desire to run. She quickened her pace to get away from the unpleasant company as soon as possible.

Two blocks later, Sandra was about to breathe a sigh of relief when she suddenly noticed something strange in her peripheral vision. At first it was an incomprehensible shadow, and then the flickering street lights illuminated the silhouette of a man. Was one of the cheeky guys following her? Sandra struggled with nausea rising in her throat, and her legs carried her to the ATM with incredible speed. She clung tightly to the Bear’s leash, and the dog was already alert.

By the time Sandra stood in front of the ATM, it was already clear to her that this man was really following her. A tall man in a leather jacket came closer, too close, and it was bad. She could smell his acrid cologne and the smell of cigarettes. It was like one of her worst nightmares, and the mysterious dark figure was the main villain in it. Sandra began to panic… everything that the girl did next was done out of horror and purely reflexively.

She turned to the Bear and uttered a single saving word: “Protect.” The trained Bear was already alert, and when he heard the command, he instantly attacked. With his whole body, he literally aimed at the tall man, lowered his head and let out a long deep growl, and then barked impressively. The man jumped back in surprise. Sandra could see him clearly now. He looked like a biker and was older–much older than the guys whose company she had seen.

The man looked from the frightened Sandra to the terrifying dog, ready to grab her by the throat at any moment. The “biker” took a few more steps back and dutifully raised his hands. “Excuse me, young lady. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just got really carried away,” he said, showing the phone he was holding in his hand. Sandra’s fear began to fade a little, but not enough to allow her to recall the Bear. “You don’t have to chase girls like that!” she said sharply to the man. He nodded in agreement with her words and apologized.

And he explained that he was just going to the same ATM. He also added that he could not sleep peacefully if his daughters lived in such an area. Then he handed Sandra his business card and offered to take her home. The girl quickly withdrew her money and headed back, full of fears. She politely declined the man’s offer to escort her, but her intuition told her to keep his business card. After all, you never know in advance when you may need the help of a good person.

Heading back to her apartment, Sandra looked at the Bear. Her brown-and-black sloppy companion, ready to do anything to protect her at any moment, was again in calm vigilance. The girl scratched the dog behind the ears and treated him to one of his favorite treats, which she always carried in her pocket. And the Bear responded by gently licking her hand. Probably, it is not worth seeing a potential enemy in every person. And with the fact that the girl was incredibly lucky with a smart and loyal guard, it is impossible not to agree.

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