5-year-old brother carries baby sister’s coffin to say goodbye for last time

There is nothing purer than the bond between a big brother and his beloved baby sister. This story of a love between a brother fighting to keep his baby sister in his life is heart wrenching but an inspiring reminder of what true love really means…

Meagan and Laurence Collard lived a picture perfect life in Western Australia with their beautiful boys Franklin and Cayden. But the couple hoped for a baby girl to complete their family.

They felt like their dream was finally coming true when Meagan fell pregnant and discovered she was having a baby girl. Not only was the couple ecstatic but their sons Franklin and Cayden were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming big brothers to a baby girl!

The family was in full nesting mode as they shopped for pink clothes and decorated a beautiful nursery for the arrival of their angel. When the baby was born, she was lovingly named Piper Winifred by the couple.

Piper arrived in a home filled with nothing but love for her. As Piper grew, she hit every milestone a baby should hit at a normal pace.

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