Retired Michael J Fox Struggles to Walk Because of Parkinson’s & Faces Online Trolls — Son Comes to the Rescue

It’s a well-known fact that actor Michael J. Fox has been living for years with Parkinson’s disease; however, internet trolls were still unforgiving. The star’s son had to call the critics out for their u nnecessary abuse.

In November 2020, Michael J. Fox had been living with Parkinson’s disease for 20 years. Although the star continued acting after his diagnosis, life hasn’t been easy as his health deteriorated because of the condition.

Michael, who appeared on “The Good Wife,” spoke to The Guardian about how he was doing in 2020. The actor revealed how things had changed since his last interview with Hadley Freeman in 2013.

The “Rescue Me” star said, “I used to walk fast, but every stop is now like a frigging math problem.” Michael’s condition had worsened over the years, but that didn’t stop internet trolls from mocking him.

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