Poor Brothers Help Disabled Old Man with His Farm for Years; Find Stash in Stock of Hay — Story of the Day

Jamie and Max were playful boys being raised by their grandmother, but one day, they decided to help their older neighbor, Mr. Coleman, with his farm. This went on for years until one day when they discovered a strange stash in the barn, and it changed their lives forever.

“Boys! Please, be careful! You don’t want Mr. Coleman to scold you, do you?” Grandma Adele warned her grandsons, Jamie and Max, who started running around Mr. Coleman’s terrain as soon as they arrived. They lived right next door to the older man’s farmhouse, and Adele had to give him some of his mail which had been wrongly delivered to her house.

“Yes, Grandma!” they said in unison, and Adele could only shake her head at them. Mr. Coleman answered the door carefully while maneuvering his wheelchair, but he had a smile on his face.

“Good morning, Adele. What’s going on?” he asked, looking toward the kids.

“Oh, Mr. Coleman. Your mail was delivered to my house. I would’ve called, but I was outside and decided to pop by. Although the boys had to come with me, and now, they’re running around all over your farm. I’m so sorry,” she explained, wiping her forehead from the rare Missouri heat.

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