Boy Washes Cars to Raise Money for Old Man’s Treatment and Receives Huge Parcel as Reward — Story of the Day

A kind-hearted ten-year-old boy decides to raise money for his elderly neighbor’s surgery by washing cars. He is stunned when someone decides to reward him.

When Max Weaver was five years old, his father died and his life fell apart. Two years later, his mom couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments, so they had to leave their home.

Max’s mom decided they would move from California to Arizona and live with his grandmother, Moira. That meant that Max didn’t just lose his dad; he lost his friends and every connection to what had been a happy, carefree life.

It could have been the end of Max’s childhood, but then he met Mr. Kelsey. Mr. Kelsey was Grandma Moira’s next-door neighbor.

The first time Max met him, he was surprised. He’d never seen anyone that old. What little hair he had stuck out in clumps on the sides of his head, and his skin was so thin the veins and the bones showed through. Then Max noticed his eyes. Mr. Kelsey’s eyes were bright and inquisitive and young.

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