The video of a hundred dancers doing country line dance will take your breath away

A line dance is a scripted dance that follows a set pattern of steps.
The Macarena is a famous line dance that almost everyone has heard of. What we’re about to see is more linked to country music, especially country-western line dancing.

If the thought of gathering 100 dancers for a routine has ever occurred to you, we have a fantastic video for you.
It’s hilarious to watch a hundred individuals do those actions with such precision and timing.

The most important thing to understand about line dancing is that line dancers dance in one or more lines and all face one another in the same direction.
Above all, line dancers do not make physical contact with one another. Have you heard of Italy’s Voghera Country Festival? It’s one of Europe’s largest and most anticipated national events.

Initially, it was for Independence Day, with the intention of gathering and having fun.
The name was changed to VCF by the organizers, and the festival became an annual event. Some of the top American artists come to compete in the country’s line dance, two-step, west coast swing, and Catalan style, as well as to compete with their European counterparts.

It’s simple to agree that dancing is an excellent approach to bringing two cultures together.

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