‘She’s as Poor as a Church Mouse!’ Wedding Guests Mock Orphaned Bride until Her Bio Dad Shows Up — Story of the Day

Ashley had lived like an orphan all her life. And on her wedding day, the guests did not hide their dislike for her. But one unexpected guest arrived just in time with a twist…

Ashley lay in bed with butterflies in her stomach. She tossed and turned, swinging between sleeping and waking dreams of a beautiful wedding.

The big shiny ring on her finger felt strange but right. “I can’t believe this is happening…I’m getting married! ME! The troubled orphan girl who grew up not knowing love…”

Ashley had a lonely life right from age five when her mother passed away on her tender lap. She didn’t know much about her father, except the one thing her mother had always told her: “He was the one who chose your name a few months before you were born and before he passed away…”

Ashley would soon discover that her mother had lied…

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