After suffering from PTSD, cancer and stroke, Tina Turner says final goodbye to her fans we will never forget how you made us feel

Tina Turner recently turned 81, and looking back at the old times, the good and the bad, they joy she brought to many people, we can’t help but appreciate her for everything and how she managed to stay strong through difficult times.

She grew up with her parents, watched her son’s passing, and had difficult time with her health.

After years and years of being in the spotlight with “Simply The Best” among one of the hundred hits she sang, Tina says final farewell to her fans… She was born in NutBush on November 26, 1939, to father Floyd and mother Zelma Bullock. They were sharecroppers. Tina recalled an interview with the Rolling Stone, “We were well-to-do farmers – that’s as close as I can get to explaining it. To me, it seemed as if we lived well.”

“My sister and I had our own room. Each season we’d get new clothes, and I was always fresh and neat, especially compared to a lot of other people around me.

“We were never hungry. Of course, we knew the difference between our family and, say, the daughters of schoolteachers – those people were educated. My parents weren’t, per se, but they had a lot of common sense and spoke well. We weren’t low-class people. In fact, my parents were church people; my father was a deacon in the church.”

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