After a painful divorce, Meg Ryan decided to focus on raising her adopted daughter instead of pursuing an acting career… Look at her family now…

Meg Ryan, a veteran of the Hollywood film industry, was held responsible for the breakup of her marriage for many years. Nevertheless, it turned out that things were not at all what they seemed to be.

The marriage between actress Meg Ryan and actor Dennis Quaid lasted for eleven years. After being married in 1991 and having a tough divorce in 2001, the exes eventually decided to part ways.

The couple had their first separation in  2000, around the time when Ryan was allegedly having an affair with the actor Russell Crowe. A few years later, she talked openly  how her marriage to Quaid fell apart and revealed that it wasn’t all her fault.

Ryan said that the public didn’t know what happened in her failed marriage, and that what happened in her relationship with Quaid was overshadowed by her affair with Crowe.

«That was a great story. The reality of my nine-year marriage, however, was absent from the fiction. Dennis was unfaithful to me for a long time, which hurt a lot. When I got divorced, I learned more about that.»

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