Widower Struggles to Raise Sons & Care For Mom-In-Law, Learns about $300K Inheritance Later – Story of the Day

Justin and his mother-in-law Rebecca were two very different people who never got along – until they lost the most important person in their lives. Would it be too late before they heal from this?

Erica’s mother, Rebecca, was a traditional, church-going, God-fearing woman who thought she had raised her daughter to be the same. But when Erica decided to marry an aspiring artist named Justin, who didn’t believe in God, Rebecca knew she would never be able to accept him.

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Justin saw her as an orthodox woman who was petty and hurtful, while Rebecca saw him as a lazy, rebellious, tattoo-sporting struggler who wasn’t worthy of her daughter.

And neither of them wasted a single opportunity to argue and try to defeat the other.

“I’m getting tired of this, Justin!” Erica rolled her eyes and blurted carefully. She was angry, but she did not want to wake their teenage sons, who had just fallen asleep after another fight among the adults of the family.

“Mom’s getting older, babe, and you know how worked up she can get about little things. It’s not like she hates you—”

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