Seriously Ill Grandfather Becomes the Only One Who Needs David after His Parents’ Divorce — Story of the Day

A young boy who wants to be his new school’s running champion learns the true meaning of honor from his seriously ill grandfather.

The flip side was that his mother was moving to Arizona with a new boyfriend and didn’t want David tagging along, and his dad had been offered a job in an oil rig, so he couldn’t take him either. They ended up sending him to his grandfather, Roy, in Georgia.

David wasn’t happy about any of it. He barely knew his grandfather and had only met him two or three times in his entire life, but he had come across as a very quiet man, as unlike his outgoing temperamental mom as chalk and cheese.

Still, here he was, on the bus, on his way to some hick town in Georgia to live with some old man. David hoped that the town had a decent high school, with a decent track team.

If there was one thing David was good at, it was running, and he supposed some would say it was because when he ran, all his problems fell behind, and all he knew was the feel of the wind and the bellows of his lungs pumping power to his legs.

Before he knew it, the bus was stopping, and there the old man was, with a straw hat in one hand, and the other raised to wave at him as if he was some little kid!

“David!” his grandfather cried. “Welcome home, my boy!” And he threw a surprisingly strong arm around David’s shoulders. “Where’s your gear?” he asked. “Let’s get you home and settled!”

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