82-Year-Old Man Still Gives Flowers To Wife For Their Anniversary After 64 Years Of Marriage

Giving your lover flowers on your anniversary is considered a traditional yet romantic gesture. A flower bouquet is something many women and even some men enjoy receiving. However, as a relationship progresses, one may find that the flower-giving becomes less frequent as their partner becomes more comfortable with them.

For an 82-year-old man named Melvin Bickel from Union County, things are different. When he married his wife 64 years ago, he made it an annual tradition to give her flowers every time their anniversary date rolled around. Over six decades into their marriage, Melvin still sticks with the flower tradition today

It sounds simple to give your partner fresh flowers once a year, but Melvin goes the extra mile – literally. In fact, he drives about an hour to Scott’s Floral and Gifts in Danville to pick her up a beautiful set of roses to bring home to her.

“They do a beautiful job over there and I have been getting them from there for years,” Melvin said. Due to the great service and superior quality, he has no plans to get his wife’s anniversary flowers anywhere else.

To take the romance up a notch further, Melvin decided to get an extra rose added to his wife’s arrangement for each additional year they’ve been together.

“It started out with a dozen, and then when it got to the 13th I just started adding one, just to be different. I’ve just kept it up and now, it would be impossible to stop.”

And Melvin doesn’t want to stop. Giving Lois, his true love, roses every year is his way of showing her just how much he loves her.

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