The restaurant owner invited the old lady and her dog to the VIP table after the waiter kicked them out – Story of the day

An elderly woman in a wheelchair was in tears after being humiliated and kicked out by a rude waiter, but things changed when the restaurant owner graciously invited her to the VIP table with her dog. The waiter didn’t know that the old lady was really a special person.

Rose, 74, looked at herself in the mirror and took her time doing her hair. Since her husband’s death, Rose had been neglecting herself. She looked nothing like the beautiful woman she had been when Derek was with her.

At the time she was always cheerful and her flawless skin was the envy of other women. But now, being single and a widow with no children, Rose no longer saw the point in maintaining a relationship.

Looking in the mirror that day, she tidied up her damaged, thinning hair. Then she applied powder to her face to hide wrinkles, and pale red lipstick to conceal her wrinkled lips. Rose made little effort to dress up. She wore a large black jacket over an old, wrinkled dress, but she was overjoyed that day.

After all, why not? It was the 50th anniversary of her marriage to Derek.

Every year since Derek’s death, Rose has continued to celebrate their wedding anniversary by spoiling her pet dog Bark, who became her life after Derek left. She had no children, but Bark played the part beautifully.

After finding herself in a wheelchair because of a knee injury, life hasn’t been easy for Rose. When Derek was by her side, he helped her, but after he left she had to make significant changes to the bathroom, kitchen and doors in the house to get around easily. However, Rose found it difficult to do everything herself, so eventually she hired a part-time carer, who also enjoyed spending time with Bark.

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