She Was Divorced After 44 Years Of Marriage. After This Makeover, Her Ex Will Never Forgive Himself.

Making a change is hard. Because we get stuck in our ways, we often resist change until it is forced upon us. Many of us do whatever we can to not change a thing. We try to make certainty a part of our lives as much as possible. But that is a fool’s errand. There is no way for us to predict everything that may happen, no matter how certain we feel about an aspect of our existence – life is always willing to throw a curve ball our way.

After 44-years of marriage, Vicki could not remember what being single was like. So when she and her husband divorced, she did not know what to do. Thankfully, Vicki was encouraged to get a makeover so she could feel like a new woman because life had rolled the dice. She was encouraged to contact The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She made the earliest appointment she could and got everything in order for her makeover. She was ready to feel like a new person after 44-years of marriage to her ex-husband, an old stodge.

Before the makeover, Vicki spoke to the camera about her circumstances. She had not been single since she was eighteen. And she was ready to get back out there and meet someone new. But it was not a happy thing for her. She worried about it and didn’t know how to approach the change. The Makeover Guy sensed this and wanted to give Vicki a burst of confidence to take on the new chapter of her life.

Christopher Hopkins is known for doing wonderful things with his clients’ hair. But when it came to upgrading Vicki’s look, he wanted to go above and beyond. She had been through a terrible situation, getting divorced after 44-years of marriage, and he wanted to help lift her up out of her sadness.

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