She Put Her Baby Up For Adoption 35 Years Ago. Then We Told Her He Was Standing Right Behind Her

This was a surprise not like any other — a son reuniting with the mom who put him up for adoption. Stacey Faix was only 15 when she got pregnant and made the tough decision that she would have to put her son up for adoption. She never even got to hold him. Since the baby’s adoption records had been lost in a flood, it was difficult for the man to find his mother.

A law that went into effect in November 2017, however, changed all of that, helping her son find his way into Stacey’s arms.

The new policy allowed adoptees to obtain birth certificates that had their birth parents’ names listed. Stacey had no idea that her biological son, Stephen’s Strawn, was working on finding her. He sent his information to an agency and a month later, he received his birth certificate.

The following year, he surprised his mom at the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, where she was running with members of Team Red, White, and Blue, a social organization that supports veterans. Right before the marathon, Stacey was given a letter that read: “It’s been 13,075 days since you last saw me. I didn’t want to make you wait one more.”

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