Poor boy offers his umbrella to an old lady when it rains outside, she gives it back with an envelope – Story of the day

The poor boy decided to give his umbrella to an old woman after seeing her in the rain. He then went with her to her house. A few days later, he and his mother were surprised to see what fell from the umbrella when they opened it again.

Tom was a 15-year-old boy raised by a single mother named Marissa. They didn’t have much in life, and they lived every day to have enough for three meals and to pay the bills.

Tom’s mother worked every day as a janitor at a nearby park. She never took public transportation, preferring to walk to work and back home to save money.

One day Tom noticed that Marissa came home all wet. “Mom! You’re going to be sick. Why were you walking in the rain?” – he worried.

“I’m all right, dear. My umbrella broke because of the strong wind, and I wanted to be home in time for dinner with you,” she replied. “I’ll just take a shower and make you dinner, okay?”

Tom knew when his mother wasn’t feeling well, and he knew right away that she was about to get sick. He wanted his mother to be comfortable every day, so he wanted to give her a useful gift for her next birthday.

Without Marissa’s knowledge, Tom had been saving his money for months to buy her a gift. He had raised $25, which he hoped would be enough for a nice gift for his mother.

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