Little Girl Keeps Arriving Late And Tired At School, Then Police Check Her Dad’s SUV.

Every day, school officials noticed that a little girl was arriving at school both late and exhausted. No matter what day of the week it was, the little girl was never prepared for the school day and never had enough energy to make it through until the end without the threat of dozing off during class. The girl had just moved from Colorado to Oklahoma with her father, so the school contacted the local police to check out the father’s SUV to make sure everything in the little girl’s life was safe and sound.

James Schweikhard wanted to shake things up, so he decided to abandon his life in Colorado and start fresh in Oklahoma. He put all of his belongings into his SUV and began the long drive with his 10-year-old daughter.

“I packed up everything that we own in the truck, and … we just drove here,” the father said. “It was more of a risk staying in Oklahoma. I couldn’t get a job for anything, couldn’t get a place to live.”

Unfortunately, the Oklahoma economy was in the crapper, and James struggled to find a job to make ends meet. While he was hunting for work, he and his daughter lived out of his Suburban SUV. The vehicle broke down after their move, so James was forced to walk his daughter to school every morning – and it was tough to know that she was homeless.

The girl’s school became very concerned that the 10-year-old and her father were living in the SUV, so they called the cops on them and suggested an officer perform a welfare check. Lakewood Police Officer James Butler received the call and went to James’s SUV to check out what was going on.

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