Girl eats only half of her school lunch to give the rest to poor boy

A school cafeteria worker is curious and watches a girl who only eats half of her lunch and puts the rest in her backpack. When she finds out that the girl gives her food to the poor boy, the woman decides to do something about it.

Mrs. Murphy has been a cafeteria worker at Cypress Valley High School for four years, and there is no job in the world she loves more. In fact, because she and her husband could not have children, her face lit up every time she served lunch to young children and saw their smiles.

“You are young! You have to eat a lot to stay healthy!” – was a motto she enthusiastically told every student she served food to.

Some kids frowned and said, “Mrs. Murphy, that doesn’t even sound cool! You need to come up with something better!!!”.

But the old woman shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, you clever one! Mrs Murphy’s food and motto are unparalleled! Now come on, I need to see your clean dishes!”.

“All right, Mrs Murphy!!!” The children were laughing, taking their seats and enjoying lunch.

Once, Mrs Murphy was talking to her colleague when she noticed something strange. In the back of the dining room, she saw a little girl who had finished only half her lunch and put the rest in the lunch box.

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Girl eats only half of her school lunch to give the rest to poor boy
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