Boy who brings soup to lonely woman every day sees four men trying to break into her house

A boy brings chicken soup every day to a sick old woman. One day he finds a group of four men on her doorstep trying to enter her house. Frightened, he turns to his mother for help, but the old woman opens the door and invites the men in.

Kyle, an eight-year-old boy, was sitting on the pavement crying. He had had a bad day at school because he had not done his maths homework and the teacher had scolded him in front of the whole class.

Kyle had never been good at maths, and he hated the subject. One day he told his mother, Amanda, that he didn’t understand anything in class, and she suggested he hire a tutor. But Kyle knew that if he agreed to tutoring, he wouldn’t have time to play in the evenings, so he promised to work hard at it.

But now Kyle was in a quandary. His grades had declined, and he couldn’t answer even the simplest questions. He hadn’t told his mother. If she found out, he’d have to go to a tutor, which he dreaded.

“I hate math! I don’t want to go to school anymore!” – he repeated to himself with tears in his eyes.

Suddenly he heard a soft voice. “Kyle? What’s wrong, honey?”

Kyle looked up and saw his neighbor, Mrs. Bennett. She was 80 years old, in a wheelchair, and a widow with no children. She was a nice woman, and Kyle liked her, so he told her everything.

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