This woman never gets tired of raising her children alone. He just deserves respect

Oksana Kobeletskaya is a young mother of six children from Odessa. Moreover, five babies were born at the same time.

The woman brings up children alone and is an inspiration for many young mothers. Oksana gave birth to children in 2016.

She already had an older daughter when she became pregnant with quintuplets.

She and her husband did not suspect that they would immediately become a large family.

Oksana’s husband could not stand such responsibility and left the young woman alone with the children.

However, Oksana did not lose heart and found the strength to raise children. Today she is a successful woman who has her own small business.

On her blog, she posts daily photos and videos about everyday life with five kids and gives advice to young mothers on how to organize time in a large family best way.

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