During a show, Harvey’s wife burst into tears when Steve said this to her..

Steve Harvey is a famous comedian and TV host! He has been entertaining people for years.

Harvey succeeded in many aspects of his life, and one of them is his marriage to Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Steve Harvey adores his wife and is always extolling the virtues of his family.

On a Mother’s Day episode of the Steve Harvey Show, the comic asked his wife to join him.

Harvey had requested Marjorie to be present to assist him in paying respect to a «special mother» in his program, but he had an additional purpose.

«I have a confession to make,» Harvey informed his wife in front of his audience.

Marjorie was taken aback. What might this enormous secret be?

The audience erupted as Steve disclosed his secret: he invited Marjorie to the event as a unique gesture to thank her on Mother’s Day!

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