A hard-working nurse tried to be ‘invisible’, Mother took a picture and told everyone that she saw her

When she got ill, her parents Shelby and Jonathan thought their two-year-old daughter had allergies.

She had trouble breathing and her doctor suspected she had asthma. But it soon became clear that things were much worse than they thought.

Sophie was supposed to undergo an allergic test a few days later. But she never did the test. She stopped breathing one night.

It was the worst nightmare of any parent. Shelby and Jonathan called an ambulance. Minutes later they were on their way to the hospital.

It was only there when the doctors confirmed that Sophie suffered from something far worse than allergies or asthma.

The doctors discovered a tumor slightly larger than a tennis ball in Sophie’s little chest. She developed cancer of T cell lymphoma. The little girl suddenly was in battle for her life.

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