A schoolgirl lies next to a sick boy while the whole class laughs at the boy: a gesture the girl’s mother is proud of

Christine Banga Adair lived in Plant City, Florida, with her loving husband and four adorable young children. She taught first graders for over 16 years and understood the importance of teaching young people valuable lessons that were not always part of their school curriculum.

One day she went to her daughter’s school, Carington, to pick her up at recess. Adair often played a game with her little ones to make coming home fun and exciting.

Recalling details of an interesting game Adair played with her children, she shared:

“When I come home from school, my children and I play the “game of ups and downs”. We tell each other our maximum of the day (the best part) and our minimum (something they would like to change) of the day. ”

A Plant City resident said her 12-year-old daughter said something to her, that overpowered everything else and brought her to tears.

Not only was she confused, but she was at a loss for words and said that she was struggling to to hold back tears.
According to Adair, her daughter’s story began with,

“Mom, I made the teacher cry today.” The moment the mother of four heard these words, her first thought was negative.

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